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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos battery life tests are done, here are the results

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini comes in a dual-SIM version, just like its big sibling. But with the same chipset and same battery, we can expect lower talk time and standby, with the same web browsing and video playback times, right?
As it turns out, no. Looking at the specs sheet reveals no changes between the single and dual-SIM versions, but there’s potentially a new modem as the talk time went up.
In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos is the best performing dual-SIM phone we’ve tested in this category. It beats the Galaxy Grand Duos by about 5 hours, even though the bigger handset has a 200mAh more in its battery. That Broadcom chipset just isn’t as efficient as the Qualcomm it seems. The HTC Desire 600 dual sim, which has the same battery capacity does even worse with just 12 of talk time.

Talk time

  • Huawei Ascend Mate25:12
  • BlackBerry Q1020:00
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.319:54
  • Sony Xperia SP19:49
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (S600)18:03
  • Sony Xperia ZR17:48
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos17:33
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N710016:57
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active16:40
  • Sony Xperia Z16:03
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom15:32
  • LG Optimus G15:30
  • Pantech Burst4:46
The regular Galaxy S4 mini did great in the web browsing test and the Galaxy S4 mini duos repeats that achievement. There’s a small 20 minute difference, but it’s practically the same time. The Desire 600 dual sim and Galaxy Grand Duos don’t do as well (their slower chipsets had to work harder to render the page, not to mention the Grand Duos has a 5″ screen).

Web browsing

  • Sony Xperia ZR11:20
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos10:10
  • BlackBerry Q510:04
  • HTC One9:58
  • Apple iPhone 59:56
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini9:47
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX (ICS)9:12
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus3:01
The video playback time of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos is once again within 20 minutes of the single-SIM version and once again on of the best scores we’ve seen. The S4 mini (both versions) performs great for a phone with just 1,900mAh in its battery.

Video playback

  • Motorola RAZR MAXX (ICS)16:35
  • Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX14:17
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini13:12
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos12:52
  • Apple iPad mini12:51
  • Samsung Galaxy Premier12:51
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE12:32
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (S600)12:30
  • BlackBerry Q512:28
  • Nokia Lumia 7103:27
Despite having to keep two SIM card active, the Galaxy S4 mini duos has relatively low standby power draw, which combined with the better performance in the call test leads to an endurance rating of 62 hours, up from 54 hours for the single-SIM. You can read more about the battery test here.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos has surprisingly good battery life, among dual-SIMs and among minis. It will keep you talking over both SIM cards for a long time with extended browsing and video sessions in between calls.

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